If you see a dog with a V cut into one ear you know it has been sterilised by us.



Volunteer to work with us at our Centre or Anti-Rabies Camps for a few hours each week.




You will find us in Colva, beside the Skylark Hotel

When we opened our Charity Shop in February 2004, it was the first in south Goa. Since then it has become a popular meeting point for tourists and local people alike, with its wide range of new and nearly-new adults and children’s clothes, both Indian and European. Here we sell beautiful jewellery, and locally made craft items which make lovely gifts, as well as our own range of GAWT items, including good quality cotton tops, caps and beach bags.

We also stock DVDs, CDs and have a well-used lending library of books, many of which have been donated to us by departing tourists.

If you want to make a donation to support our work, then the Charity Shop will be pleased to accept this, and give you a receipt. If you would like to receive our Newsletters (free of charge), please leave your email address with the staff.



The quick, pain-free way to give us much-needed support. You don’t even have to leave the house to get involved, and it costs you nothing!

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GAWT is a non-government organisation, registered as a private Charity in Goa and with the Animal Welfare Board of India.
We are tax-exempt and donations under U/8 of 80G Income Tax regulations are tax deductible.

Goa Charity Registration No :
1067 DT.13-5-1999
Indian Charity Registration No :
10-229/99 – AWO


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