If you see a dog with a V cut into one ear you know it has been sterilised by us.



Volunteer to work with us at our Centre or Anti-Rabies Camps for a few hours each week.




Try it, it really works, and we are already benefiting.

You can now help us raise some desperately needed funds, and it won’t cost you or us anything. Friends of GAWT have joined Easyfundraising, and we have already begun receiving donations. Just click on the link below to find out how it works, and then follow the 5 easy steps to start raising some funds for us. You have to go through this procedure just once!

Here’s how to do it: (and you only have to do this once!)

  • Copy & paste http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ into your address bar.
  • Select Find a cause - second along from the left and insert Friends of Goa Animal Welfare Trust into Search for a Cause.
  • Select "Support" (or "more info" if you'd like to read up about GAWT first)
  • Complete the short form which pops up, agree to the terms by ticking the box, then press submit.
  • Select the Raise More option from the dark blue menu bar – 2nd from right.
  • Install the Find and Remind add-on and the EF logo will pop up each time you shop for something online to tell you that this retailer is part of easyfundraising.org. If it is you will be taken to your website via Easyfundraising so that everything you buy will raise much-needed funds for GAWT.

Just by completing point 6 you have already raised 50p for us!

The most important thing now is to remember each time you go online to shop that you use your Easyfundraising site to purchase, and raise funds for us too. The great thing is it won't cost you anything. AND you will find lots of voucher codes and special discounts so you can actually save money while you help us. There is no cost for us either, this service is totally free. It sounds too good to be true, but we’ve checked it out thoroughly. The Guardian and The Independent have recommended it as the cost-free way to support a charity.

You can shop with over 2000 well-known stores, including John Lewis, The Body Shop, Uniqlo and Amazon. Each will donate a percentage of what you spend, at no cost to you or us. You can see exactly how much you have raised personally by using the ‘Account’ section.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about us and Easyfundraising.


Gently now! That’s my new baby you are kissing
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The quick, pain-free way to give us much-needed support. You don’t even have to leave the house to get involved, and it costs you nothing!

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GAWT is a non-government organisation, registered as a private Charity in Goa and with the Animal Welfare Board of India.
We are tax-exempt and donations under U/8 of 80G Income Tax regulations are tax deductible.

Goa Charity Registration No :
1067 DT.13-5-1999
Indian Charity Registration No :
10-229/99 – AWO


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