If you see a dog with a V cut into one ear you know it has been sterilised by us.



Volunteer to work with us at our Centre or Anti-Rabies Camps for a few hours each week.




These are a group of older dogs who live with us permanently either because they arrived badly injured, or they were the victims of cruelty, reported to us, picked up and taken to the Centre. Some of them were simply abandoned and dumped at our Centre’s gates. What they have in common is that they are all older than puppies. No-one wanted to adopt them, and we couldn’t make them homeless.

So they stayed…and stayed…and stayed. There are always around ten of them, sometimes more, sometimes less. However experience tell us that an older dog often makes the perfect pet for an older couple or someone living on their own. As long as it is loved, exercised and treated with kindness (not tied up or left alone for hours each day), your pet will give you loyalty and endless affection. We have had some very successful adoptions recently from our Home Dogs.

We recently lost our Home Dogs Matriarch, Betty, and you can read her obituary in our February 2012 Newsletter.

We love, respect and honour these older dogs. They all have their own names, often reflecting their life story. They live amiably together in their own pound, playing tag, mugging anyone who goes in to talk to them (which they love), and they keep an eye out for our cook, whom they love most of all. There is a Mexican Wave of doggy tails as she makes her way to their compound with dishes of rice and chicken, and complete silence for about 20 minutes afterwards.

Keeping them healthy and happy is a constant drain on our resources; their current wish list includes a big splash pool to cool off! Lots of toys, a large climbing frame for exercise, and friends (human) to play with them all day long. No pressure then on the already hard-worked staff!

Although we get a small grant from the Government, almost all of our work is funded through donations from the public, which help us to continue with our essential animal welfare programmes. Any donation you can make will be much appreciated.



The quick, pain-free way to give us much-needed support. You don’t even have to leave the house to get involved, and it costs you nothing!

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