If you see a dog with a V cut into one ear you know it has been sterilised by us.



Volunteer to work with us at our Centre or Anti-Rabies Camps for a few hours each week.




Not all animal bites are from rabid animals, but ALL bites should be treated seriously and it is essential that you seek medical attention immediately.

Scratches or bites that break the skin, however mildly, should be treated as quickly as possible.

If you are bitten or scratched by any animal (even a kitten, puppy or any pet) the following procedure should be followed:

Within the first few minutes wash and scrub the wound well with soap and water for five minutes.

Put iodine or a strong antiseptic over the wound.

Seek medical help immediately.

If you are travelling back to your own country soon after the incident, make sure you receive an anti-rabies vaccination before leaving India.

Notify your own doctor about the treatment you have already received as soon as you have returned, as you may need further vaccinations.

This is the correct procedure to follow to reduce the risk of rabies. Please do not pay attention to misinformation which may be given to you which would prevent you from seeking medical help.


Sometimes when you don't look, you won't feel even a tiny little
pin-prick. Difficult to tell who is more anxious here, owner or pet!



The quick, pain-free way to give us much-needed support. You don’t even have to leave the house to get involved, and it costs you nothing!

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